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Las Vegas child care: Fun games that help with brain development

Posted on 10-07-2014


There are many fun activities that your child can do to help with brain development. Be sure any activity you choose is age appropriate. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Henderson-Las Vegas NV, we offer our exclusive and high quality brain development program for young children. Here we offer a few fun brain developing games you can do with your child at home. These activities all reinforce learning and strengthen neural connections in the brain.

Mirror game

This is a good way to teach your child about language and communication while reinforcing neural connections. Let your child stand in front of a mirror while you stand behind him or her and point out certain parts of the body. Ask your child to name them. This game will teach your child about body awareness and language.

Make a book

Collect some of your child’s pictures and have your child paste them in pages to create a book. As you paste the pictures, have your child make up a story. You can then read the book with your child at night and he or she will have a nice memento. This will teach your child about creativity, language and spelling.

Nurturing activities

Teach your child about nurturing by playing with a toy or taking care of a pet. Show him or her how to nurture through feeding, hugging and rocking or petting it to sleep. If you are using a live animal, be sure to teach your child to take gentle care when handling it and not to pull on its tail. Your child can sing a lullaby which can help to teach language and music skills.

For more information about our brain development program serving Henderson, Green Valley, and Las Vegas, contact us today.

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