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Household chores and projects that can help develop your Henderson preschooler

Posted on 06-09-2015 | Jason Griffin


It can sometimes be difficult to ensure that your child receives what is needed for optimal development. Many parents must work to provide for their families and this leaves much less time to concentrate on a child’s healthy development. While the preschool that you choose for your child can provide the right environment for your child’s development, you can promote additional development when you are at home with your child. Here are a few fun activities that can promote your preschool child’s development at home.

All actions and activities can promote healthy development

Your child can learn from almost any activity. Even when sleeping, your child’s brain is collating information and solving problems. Therefore, involve your preschool child in daily activities that can promote learning. You can turn any activity into a fun learning experience by engaging your child’s powerful imagination. For example, you can combine fun, learning and chores by having your child sort toys as he or she puts them away.

Teaching responsibility and independence

One of the best to teach your child responsibility and independence is to assign chores and projects at home. Your preschool child will be happy to help with chores because it will make him or her feel like an integral part of the family. Participating in chores promotes self-confidence, boosts self-esteem and contributes to learning and development. Start by helping your child with chores and then gradually allow him or her to accomplish the tasks independently.

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