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Henderson - Las Vegas, NV, Infant Care: Fun activities for your mobile infant

Posted on 05-27-2015 | Jason Griffin


As many parents know, the early years of childhood are certainly some of the most fun. You will be enjoying countless hours of exciting games with your mobile infant, helping him or her develop and learn everything needed. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Henderson – Las Vegas, NV, offers some advice about fun games to play with your infant to promote healthy and effective development. These games focus on the development of vital skills and can greatly improve the overall effectiveness of the child care you provide.

Have fun with music

Music is fun for everyone, including infants. It can also be utilized for effective learning. You can play soft music specifically developed for infants to begin with and, as your infant gets older, you can add different types of music developed for different age groups. You can even turn on your favorite music or the radio and enjoy the music together. You can move your infant’s body to the music and, as your infant becomes mobile, you can hold your infant’s body and begin to teach your child how to dance.

I-spy with my little eye

This game is excellent for early development as it challenges your infant’s brain to learn in an exciting way. This game can begin once your infant is able to see and focus on nearby objects, such as your face. By observing close surroundings and choosing a particular object, your infant’s brain begins to learn differentiation and identification. This game can also help with rudimentary speech if you sound out the name of the object as your infant is able to see it.

We are always looking for innovative and exciting ways to promote your child’s development. If you would like more details about our excellent infant care services or if you would like to visit, contact us today.

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