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Henderson / Las Vegas Day Care: Child brain development by the weeks

Posted on 01-20-2015


Parents become excited when a child begins to develop and learn about the world. They often wonder what goes on in the child’s brain. Allow us to share some insight with you regarding what your child will be thinking, learning and experiencing throughout the early years of child care, prior to entering a day care or preschool environment.

Identifying patterns

At three months your child will start identifying and becoming intrigued with patterns. These can be dinosaur patterns on a blanket or even the order and frequency of the animals on your child’s mobile. Encouraging this provides the child with toys and items that have high contrast. This allows your child to begin learning how colors and shapes form tangible objects.

Intellectual pursuit

In the next developmental stage your child will become more interested in learning about his or her big surroundings. He or she will start asking a lot of questions and exploring the concept of cause and effect. During this time, prior to entering day care or preschool, try your best to adequately answer all questions. Allow the child to explore at a pace that is comfortable. Take the child for a walk outside, but let your child lead. You will observe and begin to understand what interests your child, and why these things are identified as intriguing.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Henderson – Las Vegas, also serving Green Valley, offers a unique blend of physical, emotional, social and cognitive development that takes each child’s individuality into consideration. If you are interested in our superior child care services, designed for optimal brain development, then contact us. We are always excited to hear from parents who want to provide a child with the best early education available. 

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